• Written by  Andy Chen

What should you do after goods imported from china is defective?

What to do if you didn’t inspect products for some reasons and you receive a shipment of defective products?

First, you should check if all of the products are defective or part of them are.
Second, you should figure out if the defective goods are repairable. If they can be reworked, you have several options:

Sending the products back to China for repair at your supplier’s expense (you should note that it would take a very long time).

Decide that the value of the defective products doesn’t make it worthwhile to ship back to China for reworking, and throw them away or sell them in another channel at much cheaper price.

Do the repair job at your own company or hire some one or some company to do it for you locally. 

Finally, you should ask compensation from your supplier and remember to inspect all your goods sourcing from China.

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