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Let’s WeChat – A Top Choice for Communication with Chinese

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Since the release of Wechat, a multi-purpose messaging app in 2011, it has swept across China with a number of users up to more than 300 million, becoming the most popular app for social network in China. Besides, it also has gained popularity overseas. With an amazing array of features, both Chinese and foreigner business people find it is one of the most convenient communication tools. Let’s start our journey to Wechat.

Well first of all, download WeChat from APPstore or Google play, and sign up for an account. You probably would want to use your real name so that your supplier can identify you once you’ve added them on WeChat. Set the language to English, then you should be good to go. WeChat is like a China version of whatsapp, you can post photos or status to your moments, so that your suppliers can get to know you more other than just business stuff. WeChat can also transfer documents, which is very convenient for your business.

How to add my friends on Wechat?

Every Wechat user has a unique Wechat ID, with which you can search your friend and send an request. How to get a cool wechat ID? You can go to Settings>My profile>Wechat ID.

WeChat ID
WeChat ID
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Every Wechat user has a unique Wechat ID, with which you can search your friend and send an request. How to get a cool wechat ID? You can go to Me>Settings>My Account>Wechat ID.

QR Code
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If you are upset by typing on the mobile keyboard to find someone, you can just exchange your QR Code with your partners. Take a second to scan the QR Code and then everything is done.

Recommended Friends

What’s more, if you are a lazy bone who won’t bother yourself to even scan the QR Code. The contact recommendation is just designed for you. This function will automatically scan your phone contact with your permission and find those who also happen to use Wechat, then just pressing one button you can add your friends.

How to find more friends on Wechat?

WeChat Shake
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Shake is a very startling feature which can help you find random friends. You open your shake interface and shake your phone physically. If at the moment, another person is shaking, then the coincidence will bring you two see each others’ basic information, say location.

People Nearby

If you want find someone just nearby and have a shot to meet the person offline, the “People Nearby” is a perfect feature for you to check out. After you “People Nearby”, you will get a list of different Wechat users who are just a stone’s throw away from you and you can select the best one for you to strike a conversation. Remember, once you use this feature, your footprint also leaves on the “People Nearby” list for a while.

How to chat on WeChat?

One to one chat
one to one chat
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Wechat supports text and voice messaging communication and video chat, video calling, picture sending . During the chat, you can use emotions to enrich your conversation. It’s absolutely user-friendly.

Group chat

If you want to have a group talk, this feature can easily help you organize a group talk. You can add as many as people you want and share information with every person in the group.


This feature offers your a platform for you to know better about your friends. You can also share your exciting moments through text and pictures and even a short video clip. Besides, you can comment on or like other’s moments, and only your mutul friends on Wechat can see your comments.

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