• Written by  Joy Wang

Several Ways to Make Connections with China Suppliers

Making connections are like weaving a net. The first few steps may seem like looking for separate dots, but as long as the dots are mutually inter-wined, a functional net is then beginning to make a difference. How to look for the dots and relate them together is the topic that I am introducing today.

1Make full use of the Industrial and Commercial Directory. The Directory or called index acts like the catalogue of suppliers of various fields to be looked at as potential partner. Name, telephone, fax, address, business and operator are introduced to a great extent. Purchasers can happily browse the directory in accordance with their specialties and interests which may result in a successful cooperation. At present, this kind of directory can be easily found at hand, both in some published books by certain Commercial Chamber and on the internet anytime at hand. As for the Chinese market, purchasers can browse the following webpage recommended:

2Since mentioning the Commercial Chamber, a series of other organizations also helps. Chinese municipal, provincial and national organizations of Commerce are there to be explored. Overseas Trade Association is accessible and even Consulate is worth trying. Attending more trade fairs or trade summit like annual Canton Trade Fair and China-Lac Business Summit held in Changsha last year offers good chance to get to know each other and look for business opportunities.

3Overseas operating agency in Chinese market is necessary and helpful. The main purpose of overseas operator is to further tap into the local market. As the long-time working operator gets more familiar with the local demands and expectations, thus it becomes more possible to develop lots potentials.

4Publicizing is always a way in use and in trend. By posting advertisements on newspapers, magazines and on the internet, more people can get to know you. It is like inviting people to a bid with only the preferably best wins.

Looking for dots is not easy, even less is making the dots relevant. While you never know what you can achieve as long as you step out the first by using these worth-trying ways, and the business will naturally follow as long being expected.

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