Chinese Toy Manufacturing

 toys manufacturing in china
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China’s toy industry is well known both for its cheap price and the quality problem. However, there is no denying that China is the top toy manufacturer around the world. The value of Chinese toy production amounts to EUR 80 bn, quintupling the one of the EU. It is estimated that the toy industry employs around 128,000 workers in China. Thus, it is unavoidable for foreign importers to choose China as their toy supplier. And there are some issues that the foreign importers should take into consideration.


Forced Labor in China

forced labor in China
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China, boasting as the “workshop of the world”, has a large population of labor force. Though China promises to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects, the problem of forced labor shows no sign of abating. Vulnerable people, like mentally-handicapped people, prisoners, minorities, children and women easily fall victims of forced labor.


How Much does China’s Labor Cost, Is It still Cheap?

Thanks to the increasing wages, China has to say good bye to its cheap labor times, compared with its neighboring countries. A bunch of reasons keep inflating worker’s wages . Migrant workers, as the major part of China’s labor, have experienced a profound change since China’s Reform and Opening up to outside in 1978.