What is quality?

To understand total quality, we must first understand quality. Customers that are businesses will define quality very clearly using specifications, standards, and other measures. This makes the point that quality can be defined and measured. Although few consumers could define quality if asked, all know it when they see it. This makes the critical point that quality is in the eye of the beholder. With the total quality approach, customers ultimately define quality.


Chinese Toy Manufacturing

 toys manufacturing in china
Photo: xianguo

China’s toy industry is well known both for its cheap price and the quality problem. However, there is no denying that China is the top toy manufacturer around the world. The value of Chinese toy production amounts to EUR 80 bn, quintupling the one of the EU. It is estimated that the toy industry employs around 128,000 workers in China. Thus, it is unavoidable for foreign importers to choose China as their toy supplier. And there are some issues that the foreign importers should take into consideration.


Intellectual Property (IP) in China

Intellectual Property Photo: datenna

26TH April 2015 was the World Intellectual Property Day with a theme of “Get up, stand up for music”. In any streets of China, however, you can buy any latest Hollywood blockbuster DVDs from vendors in less than 10 yuan and download any music you want free of charge from the Internet. Though these days Chinese attach great importance to the Intellectural Property Right (IPR) and the IP’s environment has been generally improved, there are still some worsening problems in the field.


Meetings and Negotiations in China

meetings and negotiations in china Photo: Businessnetworkingartclip

It is a daily work for businesspeople to have negotiations and meetings with people whether in west or east. However, because of the difference of cultural backgrounds, when it comes to negotiating and meeting with Chinese businesspeople, the following should be paid attention to. It is essential for people who have frequent contact with Chinese to learn about the Chinese business style.


China Has to Pay the Price of Economic Success - Industrial Pollution

pollution in China
Photo: sina

Apart from the Tiananmen Square, nowadays, Beijing is also known for the fog-filled sky and choking air which gives people another perspective to view China’s economic success. The world is green-eyeing China’s fast-growing economy, though it is slowing down in 2015, however, China has to pay the cost of its unduly high-growth-rate industrial pollution.


Difficulties Faced by China Labor

cultuer and art museum of migrant labors
Photo: ccarting

Located in the remote suburb of Beijing, Picun Village, even unfamiliar to many Beijingers, is the largest concentration region of migrant workers and houses a special museum-The Culture and Arts Museum of Migrant Labors- the only existing museum designed for migrant labors in China. Inside the shabby museum which was founded by migrant workers here themselves, you can see exhibition reflecting the daily life and work site of migrant workers. In one room, lots of newspaper clippings cover a whole wall, telling the stories of poor treatments imposed on workers. The problems faced by Chinese workers are epitomized by the museum in a hidden corner.


Forced Labor in China

forced labor in China
Photo: imgarcade

China, boasting as the “workshop of the world”, has a large population of labor force. Though China promises to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects, the problem of forced labor shows no sign of abating. Vulnerable people, like mentally-handicapped people, prisoners, minorities, children and women easily fall victims of forced labor.


A Matter of Face

Chinese face
Photo: chinesechurchstudies

The matter of face is a very sensitive and subtle problem in China’s society. When doing business with Chinese people, if you neglect this point, chances are that you will offend your Chinese partners even without notice. Respecting Chinese’ faces sometime can win you more connections and more opportunities for business. So let’s look into this “superficial” problem and get a deep understanding.


Let’s WeChat – A Top Choice for Communication with Chinese

WeChat Photo: takungpao

Since the release of Wechat, a multi-purpose messaging app in 2011, it has swept across China with a number of users up to more than 300 million, becoming the most popular app for social network in China. Besides, it also has gained popularity overseas. With an amazing array of features, both Chinese and foreigner business people find it is one of the most convenient communication tools. Let’s start our journey to Wechat.