Can You Make a Sense of Chinglish?

chinglish Photo: sina

English, as a must-learned subject in schools of China since the late Nineties, has become part of Chinese people’s life. China’s shift from Russian-which has dominated the position of second foreign langue in China from the 1940s to the mid 1960s- to English means its open to the world.

However, to be honest, English is a nightmare for lots of Chinese students and workers. Admittedly, Chinese and English are poles apart grammatically and semantically, thus Chinese easily make mistakes whenever speak or write English. But, language is a live thing, not a dead one and the Chinese people who are known for the lack of creativeness create the Chinglish. If you are doing business or traveling in China, one of the following Chinglish phrases may hit your ears.


How Much does China’s Labor Cost, Is It still Cheap?

Thanks to the increasing wages, China has to say good bye to its cheap labor times, compared with its neighboring countries. A bunch of reasons keep inflating worker’s wages . Migrant workers, as the major part of China’s labor, have experienced a profound change since China’s Reform and Opening up to outside in 1978.


Some must-knows for you to run smooth business in China

Foreigners often complain that Chinese don't understand their business intentions due to a lack of English. This is often wrong. The Chinese do understand your intentions, but wish not to follow or obey them. So here I’d like to give you some suggestions for you to make business more smoothly in China.


My supplier does the Quality Control – really?

Some buyers occasionally mentions that they don’t need a third-party QC. They thinks their supplier could do the QC job. Trading companies and manufacturers always promise one-stop service, from quotation to production, all the way to arranging shipments. In process, there’s also quality control.

If you think you can relay on the supplier do the QC for you, think again.

Ask yourself before considering not doing a third-party QC for any goods sourcing from China.


What is the AQL?

The acceptable quality limit (AQL) is the worst tolerable process average (mean) in percentage or ratio that is still considered acceptable; that is, it is at an acceptable quality level. In a quality control procedure, a process is said to be at an acceptable quality level if the appropriate statistic used to construct a control chart does not fall outside the bounds of the acceptable quality limits.

The usage of the abbreviation AQL for the term "acceptable quality limit" has recently been changed in the standards issued by at least one national standards organization (ANSI/ASQ) to relate to the term "acceptance quality level". It is unclear whether this interpretation will be brought into general usage, but the underlying meaning remains the same.