Quality Control

For any type of product inspections, QCsolution applies the internationally recognized ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 and Z1.9. These comprehensive criteria cover: functionality, performance, durability, overall appearance, and dimension. For any type of product inspections, QCsoltuion provides simple all-inclusive pricing: USD199 per man-day, anywhere in China

Product Expertise

Our professional inspectors deliver quality control services in a variety of industries including textiles and bags, gifts and premiums, garment and apparel, toys and juvenile products, electronic and other electrical devices, lighting, sundries and stationery, tools and DIY, printing and packaging, industrial and Home Appliances, and housewares products.

How Does the Service Work

1You book specific services 48 hours in advance and make payment through PayPal. (If you have monthly payment contract with us, you can pay our services fee monthly by bank transfer.)

2Our professional inspector conducts inspection on the scheduled day and an appointed account manager keeps you updated.

3The account manager sends you detailed inspection report on the following day.

Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) is a systematic inspection of units selected at random from all batches of your order. It is conducted when at least 80% of your order is complete. During a pre-shipment inspection, an inspector visits the factory and applies industry standard processes to comprehensively review and test your goods, ensuring it meet specification agreed upon between you and your supplier. Book Now

During Production Check (DUPRO) evaluate samples of your products selected during the manufacturing process. It is an on-site Inspection performed when 20-80% of your production is complete. A inspector randomly select units from all completed batches of goods. This confirms the quality of your product and allows any necessary changes to be made early on. Book Now

Initial Production Check (IPC) ensures that your specification is understood by your factory, detecting any potential flaws in the production preparation period, avoiding unnecessary reengineering work later. It is an on-site inspection performed before your production begins, up until 20% has been completed. an IPC is the first step in ensuring the quality of your product to be consistent throughout production. Book Now

Container Loading Check (CLC) ensures your goods is loaded correctly and safely before shipping out. During a container loading check, an inspector selects cartons at random to confirm each carton contains correct product and quantity, making sure the quality matches your specification and all packaging has correct barcodes, labeling, and other parameter. Our inspector supervises the entire container loading process. Book Now

Production Monitoring (PM) is to ensure production, materials, quality, schedules are at the correct level. An inspector is onsite during the production cycle representing your interests, enforcing your specifications, selecting units at random for inspection and identifying and eliminating defects. Daily reports regarding quality and completion status is sent to you, keeping you informed in the entire manufacturing process. Book Now